See Malcolm in action.

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"Malcolm’s interactive workshop lifted the spirits 

of the children participating and the adults witnessing  

your creative magic that fascinates and inspires. 

Your presence and presentation birthed collaboration 

with other non-profits to provide additional fine arts 

related opportunities for the youth of our community.

Thank you for sharing your blessed gift. "


-Renola S. Lightfoot, Ed.D, Educational Program

Director, Fort Worth ,TX  and the ROSCON Foundation.   

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The Art of Success for Educators 

“10 Strategies To Increase Student Achievement”

The main objective of this presentation is to give educators tools to help them better build strategies for their students’ success. Being an educational consultant gives Malcolm an objective perspective. He can see things that teachers and administrators can't always see. Sometimes you can't see the full picture when you’re in the frame. Teachers, principals and staff are working with issues day and night. They can't always see how to improve the situation. It helps to have someone come in with a fresh new perspective. The future of education is on the shoulders of teachers that are looking for answers to help close the achievement gaps. This training is a tool to help educators and administrators to transform their schools and classrooms. Schools are not only learning institutions but are the foundation of success in today's world. Our goal is to create environments that promote learning through brain based education. These proven approaches help students engage and prepare them with effective skills needed to become leaders in our world and community.

Each participant receives a Free digital copy of The Art Of Success For Educators Action Guide

Included Topics

  • Brain-Based Education and Multiple Intelligences

  • Using S.T.E.A.M to inspire your students

  • Culturally Relevant Teaching

  • Engaging the Disengaged Students 

  • Using Creativity in Your Curriculum

  • Creating the right classroom environment

  • Building a Successful Curriculum

  • Inspiring Youth of Color

  • From Trauma To Triumph

  • Poverty vs Prosperity Mindset



The Art of Success for Educators Online.

Great for Corporate Training, Conferences, Leadership Retreats, Colleges and Universities, Mentors and Facilitators, Black Student Union Programs, Educators, TRIO Programs

“McCrae is a gifted artist and educator. 

He is a very successful advocate for visual art and has a natural connection with young people.” -Michael W. Faris, Art Instructor,

 Shawnee College, IL

The Art of Success for Students 

Malcolm McCrae created this as a guide to students’ success. As a successful artist, author, entrepreneur and speaker he felt he had a responsibility to help today’s youth fulfill their dreams and find the greatness in their lives. Malcolm shares his story of how he overcame being bullied as a student while finding his passion of art and creativity. McCrae has experienced the joy of mentoring thousands of youth and students. It occurred to him that this knowledge had been so transforming for them, that he wanted to share it with others around the world. 

In this presentation, students will be guided by Malcolm’s unique perspective of how he built a 25 year career as a successful entrepreneur. This interactive presentation gives students an opportunity to share their stories of personal success. Students win art, music and T-Shirts while learning laws of success.


Topics include:

  • Passion: Find your purpose 

  • Vision: See beyond your current situation

  • Successful Mindset: Believe, Overcome, Compete, Study, Focus

  • Value: Establish your worth. Time is money

  • Mentorship: Find and be coach, mentor or guru

  • Courage: Overcoming adversity. Don’t take “no” for an answer

  • Goals: Plan your success. Failure is not an option

  • Consistency: Success is a blueprint. Failure is a habit

  • Entrepreneurship: Your business supports your lifestyle

  • Leadership: How to discover the true leader inside of you



Each participant receives a Free digital copy of

"The Art of Success Student Action Guide", a step-by-step workbook designed to ignite passion, create success and transform their lives of your students.

Great for Youth Conferences, Leadership Retreats, Mentors and Facilitators, Educators, Program Directors, Administrators, At-Risk Youth Programs, After School Groups, K-12 Education


Art of Using S.T.E.A.M to Accomplish Your Dreams

Malcolm McCrae takes a relevant approach in connecting with today's youth using the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) Process to show how each area is used in the daily life of an entrepreneur, author, speaker and artist. This fun, interactive and engaging presentation shows how these areas are the foundation to success. By sharing stories and examples from his life, Malcolm shows how they can relate, reflect and apply these lessons to their own lives.