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You’ve likely seen the amazing work that can be done with airbrush on t-shirts, hoodies, team jerseys and more and if you are like me you thought, “Man I wish I could offer that to my clients or students. Well, thanks to today’s technology – now you can!

What will you learn?


  • Proper Equipment

  • Surface preparation

  • Freehand Control

  • Stencil usage

  • Blending Techniques

  • Shading Techniques

  • Airbrush maintenance

Brotherhood Retreat 2024
Brotherhood Retreat 2024
Aug 23, 2024, 3:00 PM
380 Idlewild St
Join us for a rejuvenating weekend in nature to celebrate Malcolm's 44th birthday! This special gathering is designed for men of color to connect with nature and each other, creating a sacred space for African American men to express their feelings, emotions, and heal in a safe environment.

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See what attendees are saying about this training.

“I attended Malcolm’s training today to become more familiar with the airbrush. I have worked a little bit with airbrushing but would get frustrated because I couldn’t get it to do what I wanted it to do. I wanted to start out with the beginner class because I knew there was steps I didn’t know.

I encourage anyone that has not taken Malcolm’s class, even if you’ve never touched an airbrush before to take this class  ”.- Cyndi Norton

Hello, my name is Malcolm "Airbrush Assassin" McCrae and I’m the creator of the Art of Airbrush Boot Camp. This course is the premier airbrush training for youth, beginners and even the professional artist. For over 20 years I have been a successful airbrush artist. I travel the world teaching thousands of people the art of airbrushing. Whether you are an art teacher or professional artist, student or even someone that wants to learn airbrushing for a hobby, I have created the Art of Airbrush Boot Camp. This easy system takes the guesswork and frustration out of the art of airbrushing. I'll have you creating in no time!

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Holiday Airbrush beginner class Maker 13

December 15-16 2023


I really came to this class to learn more about freehand airbrushing. I guess I’m frustrated. On YouTube there’s a million stencils for everything, it takes the freedom out of it and I like to create and that’s what I want to learn from Malcolm. Freehand is a whole new ballgame and I would encourage anyone who is new or wants to learn about airbrushing to come see Malcolm. He teaches a whole lot more than just the airbrush”. -Jeff Linson

“I chose to take Malcolm’s class to learn more about techniques like dagger strokes, shading and blending the paint. I’ve been painting cars and airplanes for 17 years and would like to learn the art of airbrushing to carry myself further and push myself to try new things. I learned a lot from this class and it definitely helped me become more confident in my skills” -Chad Hagan

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