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What is AOA University?

The Art of Airbrush University is the premier airbrush online training site for youth, beginners and professional artists. Watch high quality airbrush instruction videos on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.


Malcolm "Airbrush Assassin" McCrae is the creator of the Art of Airbrush Boot Camp. This course is the premier airbrush training for all skill levels - from beginners to the professional artist. For over 20 years Malcolm has been a successful airbrush artist and instructor. He travels the world teaching thousands of people the art of airbrushing. This easy system takes the guesswork and frustration out of the art of airbrushing whether you are an art teacher, student or someone who wants to learn airbrushing for a hobby. 


Participants will learn how to implement these skills into their art.

Proper Equipment

Surface Preparation

Freehand Control

Stencil Usage

Blending Techniques

Shading Techniques

Airbrush Maintenance

How To make Money In Your Airbrush Business


I enrolled Malcolm’s training today to become more familiar with the airbrush. I have worked a little bit with airbrushing but would get frustrated because I couldn’t get it to do what I wanted it to do. I wanted to start out with the beginner class because I knew there was steps I didn’t know. I encourage anyone that has not taken Malcolm’s class, even if you’ve never touched an airbrush before to take this class  ”. - Cyndi Norton

Learn From Anywhere,

On Any Mobile Device!

With Your Enrollment You Will Receive:

Unlimited Access To Over 10 Hours of High-Quality Video Courses


Unlimited Access To Over 200 Airbrush Designs

Learn From Anywhere, On Any Mobile Device!

Exclusive Discounts On Airbrush Equipment

FREE Digital Copy The Art of Airbrush Ultimate Airbrush guide 


Certificate of Completion

Great for students

Great for home schooling

Great for arts educational online training

Perfect for any beginner or professional

Monthly Updates

Ask about our group discounts

I enrolled in The Art Of Airbrush University to learn more about freehand airbrushing.

I guess I’m frustrated. On YouTube there’s a million stencils for everything, it takes the freedom out of it and I like to create and that’s what I want to learn from Malcolm. Freehand is a whole new ballgame and I would encourage anyone who is new or wants to learn about airbrushing to enroll in AOA University. He teaches a whole lot more than just the airbrush”. -Jeff Linson

Get your FREE

 The Ultimate Airbrush digital guide. Will walk you through step by step on the techniques of airbrushing. This book will reveal secrets and knowledge that will be useful for any beginner or professional artist. This guide provides inspiration, technical how-to and practical advice straight from the creative studio of master airbrush artist Malcolm "Airbrush Assassin" McCrae. You will gain information that you can immediately apply to any project.

What will you learn?

  • What is Airbrushing?

  • How does an airbrush work?

  • Types of airbrushes

  • Air sources

  • Tools for cleaning and maintenance

  • Troubleshooting

  • Practice drills

  • Colors and Paints

  • Preparation

“I chose to enroll in Art Of Airbrush University to learn more about techniques like dagger strokes, shading and blending the paint. I’ve been painting cars and airplanes for 17 years and would like to learn the art of airbrushing to carry myself further and push myself to try new things. I learned a lot from this class and it definitely helped me become more confident in my skills” -Chad Hagan

Message us if you'r interested in Malcolms Airbrush VIP Business training. 

V.I.P Training includes:

Weekly Coaching Sessions With Malcolm McCrae


Learn how to start your airbrush business.

Entrepreneurial Coaching for your airbrush market.

Includes orderform templates and marketing templates.

Money Making Marketing Techniques

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