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Malcolm McCrae 
Solo Exhibition

Join artist Malcolm “Airbrush Assassin” McCrae as he releases a new group of art that is infused with Augmented Reality. The exhibition is named “Infusion”. Each creation is a portal into Malcolm’s life experiences as an African American man. Malcolm will also be celebrating 30 years of painting, airbrushing and creating.The atmosphere will be created to submerge the attendees into a virtual world. To celebrate black history month, each creation has a special infused message that can be unlocked with any smart phone or mobile device, using art and technology to connect with the world and share history to help us remember our past.  

Augmented Reality Art Exhibition

Experience the exhibition in a new dimension 

3 easy steps 

1. Open camera on smart phone or mobile device

2. Scan QR code 

3.Experience the AR experience through your smart phone or tablet

The New Black Wall Street

8109 Mall Pkwy, Stonecrest, GA 30038, USA

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