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Who is Malcolm McCrae?

Malcolm “Airbrush Assassin” McCrae is a full-time artist, author, speaker and social entrepreneur who embraces creativity as a lifestyle. Malcolm was born August 24, 1980 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and currently resides in Southern Missouri and Southern Arizona. He has been a professional artist for over 25 years. McCrae is an educational authority, delivering lectures and training classes, producing instructional programs and publishing books.

The most important aspect of McCrae’s message is to not only create, but to inspire. He has recently been a Missouri Arts Council Featured Artists and  was awarded 2020 Change Maker Of The Year by B-Magazine. Malcolm was commissioned by AT&T to produce two large public murals that represented social justice doing the Black Lives Matter Movement of 2020. He focuses on working with youth but is also called on by entrepreneurs, educators, institutions, and corporations as a consultant. He believes art has the opportunity and power to change lives. Malcolm is the founder of Pollination Station, a registered 501c3 non profit that was created in 2019 to pollinate the world with art and positivity. The nonprofit uses a mobile art studio called Pollination Station Art Bus, a 40 foot converted coach bus. This bus was built and designed by Malcolm and is fully equipped with solar panels for living off the grid while touring the US creating art, sharing experiences and growing communities.

Malcolm was determined to follow his dreams, at the early age of 12 he began working out of his basement and on street corners, airbrushing T-shirts. Eventually he had his own shop at the age of 18 years old making a six-figure income. He uses his passions and determination to build sustainable businesses that are socially conscious and community based.

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Artist Statement:


My name is Malcolm “Airbrush Assassin” McCrae and I'm an international artist. My art is an extension of the way I think and live. From producing films to large scale paintings, my work is a collage of images with stories of past and present. I try to incorporate my love for history and spirituality and nature in my work as I tell narratives of greatness on canvas. My creative gifts have been exhibited at galleries, festivals, corporations and Universities. I like to describe my art as “Freedom Art”; the fusion of life experiences, color, creativity and culture that brings joy to the soul. My style is a combination of digital art, street art, abstract and impressionism. I love using acrylic paint, spray cans and airbrushing as major tools in my arsenal.


In 2013, McCrae published his memoir “​To Live, To Create, To Inspire; How Art Saved My Life​” taking readers on a journey with his inspiring and empowering story. He describes his pain and poverty of sleeping in abandoned buildings in the unforgiving Ohio winters to finding purpose and prosperity. Malcolm shares his practical values for success, and how art and creativity saved his life as an at-risk youth. The book gives and in depth look into urban America and the challenges of overcoming poverty in an unforgiving environment, detailing his struggles and successes. McCrae also provides valuable insight on how anyone can use their sense of creativity to accomplish their dreams. “I have spent my whole life living with this friend called creativity. To most it is only a word, but to me it represents 40 years of who I am. It’s important that you know I was homeless and hopeless and something so simple as art changed and saved my life. I encourage every reader to use this book as a guide to help inspire the creative in you.” Malcolm has published over a dozen books, guides and instructional materials.

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