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Art Life Coloring Book Series Vol. 3 (Limited Edition)
Finally, it's here! Malcolm McCrae's "Art Life Sketchbook Series" Vol. 3 This book is a collection of various sketches from over 15 years of Malcolm's art. Most of the art has never been seen by the public and was hand picked from Malcolm McCrae's personal sketchbooks. This art is being printed here for the first time. The printing quality is incredible and is a great tool for youth and adults. -Includes hidden details and objects to find. - Makes great for a creative reference. - Makes a coloring book. - All art is created by Malcolm McCrae. -Various sketches, drafts and layouts. - Perfect for unwinding and adding some creativity to your life. 
Each book comes with a 12 Duo Tip marker set, 24 colors

ArtLife Coloring Book Vol.3

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