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About this book

Malcolm McCrae wrote this book as a guide to your success. During the course of his career as a successful artist, author, entrepreneur and speaker he felt he had a great responsibility to help others fulfill their dreams and to find the greatness in their lives. 


Malcolm has experienced the joy of mentoring dozens of dreamers, business people and creatives in his career. He also travels the world sharing his message of living, creating and inspiring with teachers and students as well as entrepreneurs and corporations at live events. As part of this mentoring process he has had the opportunity to share the tools of his success with many people. Once it occurred to him that this knowledge had been so transforming for them, he wanted to share it with others around the world. 


In this book you will be guided by Malcolm’s unique perspective as well as that of his mentors and role models.  Use this tool to ignite your passion, create your success and transform your life.


Topics include:


Passion - Find your purpose. 

Vision - See beyond your current situation.

Successful Mindset - Believe, Overcome, Compete, Study, Focus.

Value - Establish your worth. Time is money.

Mentorship - Find and be coach, mentor or guru.

Courage - Overcoming adversity. Don’t take “no” for an answer.

Goals - Plan your success. Failure is not an option.

Consistency - Success is a blueprint. Failure is a habit.

Entrepreneurship - Your business supports your lifestyle.

Leadership - How to discover the true leader inside of you.


Enjoy the journey! Live. Create. Inspire.

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