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Pollinate Cape is an interactive experience that builds an environment of learning, creating and inspiration. This platform will provide tools and techniques for self expression through art and creativity. The vision is a five year project to develop public art opportunities that uplift the spirits of the Cape Girardeau community, while providing an outlet to discover and promote positivity and unity. By creating partnerships with community organizations, city planners, non profits, schools and youth based initiatives, Pollinate Cape takes a relevant approach of incorporating the STEM/STEAM process. This fun, interactive and engaging environment helps merge the elements of STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) while stimulating a creative experience.

Malcolm McCrae
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Thank you _semissourian for such a great
Thank you Nichole Cartmell and _kfvs for
Unity in our community mural will be off
Thank you _semissourian for such a great
Young talent has to be cultivated!! Hip
Another great Hip Hop Art Camp One City
If you paint it, they will come🙏🏾🎨🎨�
So proud of all the youth apart of this
First color!! She looks focused🌅😀🎨🎨�
Thank you Nichole Cartmell and _kfvs for
One of my most talented students Zadie!!
Kids in the zone!!
We ready!! 🌎❤️🎨🎉🙏🏾🌍✏🌅 let's go!! #happy #create #motivation #malcolmmccrae #tour #texas #yout

Three major objectives:

Create: Art as a universal language for promoting peace and unity within the community. The core of this project is to create art with residents, youth and neighborhood leaders that represents unity, community, diversity and positivity. This art can be in the form of murals, performance art, music, digital art , etc. Malcolm McCrae will be leading a team of multi-disciplinary artists and community ambassadors to design, develop and deploy art projects that will echo universal metaphors of Peace & Unity.

Share: Collaboration is a key to making this project a success. By working with community ambassadors, local creatives and community leaders, we help empower and activate each site. Each site will have a community gathering component to showcase and celebrate the project. This will be a gallery night, block party, and/or live event open

to the public. As we create these experiences, participants will be encouraged to share their ideas, visions and thoughts on how this program impacted their life. With the use of technology in wifi and social media, the opportunity for sharing will increase to help make a long term impact.


Grow: Knowledge is the most important component to the success of Pollination Station. It will be operated by mentors using science, technology and art to motivate and encourage personal growth. This experience will be produced using technology such as solar, live video streaming platforms and projection mapping. This learning platform will be engineered to help grow the impact of each site and community. With workshops and creative camps, the goal is to create sacred spaces that people will use to gather, create and grow ideas.



Our goal is to make these spaces affordable and accessible for everyone, and to make a lasting and positive change in the community through art; to create an immersive experience, providing resources for artists, communities and youth to beautify, while investing in their neighborhood and city. In most areas due to the lack of funding, most art programs are being eliminated. Our targeted areas are low income and poverty stricken, and culturally diverse areas that normally wouldn’t have the opportunities to experience these spaces. We will use Pollinate Cape to engage, uplift and unite these areas through creativity, collaboration and community support.

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Mural information

Location: Inner flood wall southern direction

Size: 20ft high X 30ft wide =600 sqft

Name: “A Wish of Hope”  Media: Spray Paint

Malcolm McCrae and Pollination Station, a registered 501c3, is partnering with community organizations and local businesses to create public art in central locations in Cape Girardeau. This river wall location is a prime example of how art and community engagement can help beautify the city and bring revenue

through tourism to the downtown area. In the summer of 2007, Malcolm had the vision to create art on the 20 ft flood wall located downtown Cape Girardeau, Mo. His vision was to use the wall to create art that makes people smile. More than ten years later Malcolm's vision will come true. In September 2020 Malcolm McCrae created a proposal that was submitted to the city of cape girardeau. The project was submitted to the public art committee and was passed early 2021. The mural is a gift to the city and the art is named " A Wish of Hope" this is one of many murals that will be painted on the flood wall of Cape Girardeau, Mo.


-Permanent & Temporary Mural Space -Public art space
-Mural festival
-Great for tourism
-Low maintenance
-Community engagement
-City beautification
-Chalk area
-Weather Proof
-Anti Grafitti program  

Painting will start April 2021

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