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AirSkillz The Ultimate Airbrush Guide Coming Soon!

AirSkillz The Ultimate Airbrush guide. Will walk you through step by step on the techniques of airbrushing. This book will reveal secrets and knowledge that will be useful for any beginner or professional artist. This guide provides inspiration, technical how-to and practical advice straight from the creative studio of master airbrush artist Malcolm "Airbrush Assassin" McCrae. You will gain information that you can immediately apply to any project.

What will you learn?

1. Who is Malcolm “Airbrush Assassin” McCrae?

2. What is aAirbrushing?

3. How does an airbrush work?

4. Types of airbrushes

5. Air sources

6. Tools for cleaning and maintenance

7. Troubleshooting

8. Practice drills

9. Colors and pPaints

10. Preparation

and more

Order your copy and receive a FREE Ultimate Airbrush Training video. Over 1hr of high res video streaming to any mobile device or computer.

Pre-Order your copy today!

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