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Hot Holiday Savings

This Combo Kit comes equipt with. -Assassin Airbrush Kit -Signed Autographed copy of "To Live, To Create To Inspire" by Malcolm McCrae -Back 2 The Basics Vol.1 instructional Airbrush DVD -Back 2 The Basics Vo2.1 instructional Airbrush DVD Each kit comes with FREE Createx airbrush paint. Over $180.00 value for only $137.00 you save over 40.00.

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Get all of Airbrush Assassins airbrush DVDs. This power pack saves you money and gives hrs of incredible instructional knowledge from Malcolm "Airbrush Assassin" McCrae.

You will receive: -Hip Hop Airbrush 101 2015 revised edition -Back 2 The Basics Vol. 1 lettering 101 -Back 2 The Basics Vol. 2 urban lettering -T-Shirt Transfers 101 -Airbrush Assassin Airbrush Portfolio over 100 airbrush designs ready to be painted on shirts. -Airmagination Hip-Hop Airbrush Vol.2 A FREE signed copy of Malcolm McCrae's audio book "For the love of it" Total value of $140.00 for only $97.00 plus shipping and handling

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