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What is Hip Hop Airbrush?

Urban airbrushing has played a major role in the hip-hop culture since the early 1980s; unfortunately it has been overlooked just like hip-hop music was at one time. People seemed to always embrace the creativity, however urban airbrushing was never recognized as a mainstream form of art. So through the years, urban artists started to build “art communities” or “crews” across the country. These were groups of artist that shared the same lifestyle, vision and creativity. For decades, there were no books, magazines or publications that promoted urban airbrushing. The Internet has allowed artists like me to create a place where urban artists can display their work here is a link to that place Hip Hop Airbrush. The industry has exploded rapidly opening doors for the urban airbrush artist. There are thousands of websites and online galleries full of artists displaying their creations. Customers demand a variety of artwork from hip-hop slogans to R.I.P. memorial shirts. For many of us, airbrushing has exposed our talent and provided an opportunity to become entrepreneurs. We help create and spread trends from city to city by giving the look, feel and swag to anyone wearing our creations. Therefore, artists need to understand the worth of their skill. We encourage the artist to be well rounded in his or her craft and focus on creating styles that can be applied to multiple surfaces. The success of the urban artist is built around versatility so when the market changes the artist can adapt quickly. As a fan of the art, I work hard to motivate and instruct artists to never depreciate the value of their skill and talent. As creative people, we must continue to educate each other to destroy that stigma that urban art isn’t a true form of art.

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