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What is AOS University?

The Art of Success University is an interactive, unique, and critically-acclaimed learning platform which focuses on teaching personal success to everyday people. Malcolm has traveled the world educating, empowering, and coaching both individuals and groups. His mission is to encourage people to Live, to Create, and to Inspire the world with their gifts and talents.


Join Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, and AOSU Founder, Malcolm McCrae, and special guests as they teach you Malcolm’s 10 Step Transformation Program, enjoy exclusive program updates, and learn how to monetize your potential.

We all want to achieve our goals in life and be successful. For some, that means buying the right house, car, or getting married and having 2.5 kids; for others, it means being able to have to freedom to do whatever they want to, whenever they want, because they have learned to release their passion to its full potential! If you belong to the second group, Malcolm McCrae wants to teach you how to uncover your goals and succeed using your passion, with 10 weekly coaching sessions and admission to The Art of Success University!

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“I’ve learned from Malcolm to let my creativity flow, jot everything down that I can, and just DO IT! Learn something from everyone. You may get an idea from somebody that seems so small and insignificant, but then YOU have the power and knowledge turn it into something great. I learned to focus on managing my time a little better. I’m always gonna make time for my business, because it’s more important to me than anything. The information and insights that I’ve gained I have never seen or heard before and I look forward to putting them to good use!”

-Katelyn Calverese

With Your Enrollment You Will Receive:

Unlimited Access To Over 5 Hours of High-Quality Video Training


Unlimited Access To Over 8 Hours of Digital Audio Training

Learn From Anywhere, On Any Mobile Device!

Exclusive Online Training Journal


10-Weekly Coaching Sessions With Malcolm McCrae


Create Action For The Change You Desire

Entrepreneurial Coaching

Learn To Build Your Brand

Money Making Marketing Techniques

The Art of Success by Malcolm McCrae

Certificate of Completion

Learn From Anywhere,

On Any Mobile Device!

  • Topics Include:

  • Discovering Your Passion

  • Realizing Your Potential

  • Finding Your Personal Value

  • How To Make Money From What You Love Doing!!!

  • Creating A Roadmap For Success

  • Learn How To Visualize & Expect Success In All Areas

  • Finding Your “Why”

  • Exploring The Courage You Have Within You

  • Approaching A Mentor

  • Uncover The Steps To Success

  • How To Become An Entrepreneur & A Leader

“What a phenomenal time I had learning about what I could do with my skills and with sharing my story! I want to thank Malcolm for his inspiration, his total commitment, and his dedication to inspiring young and old!”

-Richard Foy

“Malcolm is a great coach. The blueprint that he has set out is incredible! I have been around a lot of drivers, but Malcolm is a pilot! Get on his plane and let him fly you to success!”

-Ray Waters, Sr.

Here is a Free Gift

Are you seeking positive change in the next 30, 60 or 90 days? 

Allow me to show you how engaging a professional Life Coach can empower you to live your best life ever.

You will leave this session renewed, re-energized, and inspired to move further into action for the change you desire.

Take advantage of this 


No obligation complimentary session!

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