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What are educators saying about Malcolm McCrae? 

"Malcolm’s interactive workshop lifted  the spirits 

of the children participating and the adults witnessing  

your creative magic that fascinates and inspires. 

Your presence and presentation birthed collaboration 

with other non-profits to provide additional fine arts 

related opportunities for the youth of our community.

Thank you for sharing your blessed gift. "

-Renola S. Lightfoot, Ed.D- Educational Program

Director- Fort Worth ,TX  ROSCON Foundation.   


“McCrae is a gifted artist and educator. 

He is a very successful advocate for visual art and has 

a  natural connection with young people.”

-Michael W. Faris, Art Instructor

         Shawnee College, IL


'Malcolm McCrae's innovate approach to teaching young people about the 

influence of Art in Hip-Hop, History and the humanities, has provided 

them with encouragement to discover there true interest and abilities.

We look forward to continuing this partnership.'

-Warren T.Jackson, Jr, President & CEO Jackson Initiative,Inc.


"Malcolm McCrae is truly a master of his craft whose expertise has

been forged in the fiery streets of urban America.  

His book is a must-read for educators who understand that we

must tap into the multiple intelligences to release the academic 

and creative genius of 

our students."

-Chike Akua, 


Educator & Author


"Malcolm McCrae – Inspire Through Art – 

came to our YMCA Summer Day Camp program.. 

We had around 50 children present for his airbrushing activity. 

They airbrushed visors/hats for themselves.

It was a wonderful art project for our summer day camp program.  

Malcolm and his father were fantastic.  

The children enjoyed it thoroughly."  

-Cassandra Limbaugh

Child Care Director

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