Who are we

Hi, my name is Malcolm McCrae. I’m the founder of BuildYourBus.com . I’m also an artist, author and social entrepreneur. My wife  Natalie and I live full time in a 1980 MCI Coach Bus that we converted ourselves. I’ve been an explorer and in love with busses for over 10 years. I’ve owned several commercial vehicles including vans, box trucks and busses. My first bus was a MCI 6 that I purchased on eBay in 2000. Me and some friends converted it and traveled around the US. It was my first introduction to the world of bus building. It was also the first time I felt freedom while on the road, I’ve been a bus nut ever since. After spending 3 years of saving, designing and building our new bus Pollination Station Art Bus I decided to share these bus building techniques and knowledge with the world. One of the things that I’ve learned is that this lifestyle isn’t for everyone. My goal is to be a guide on your bus building journey from buying, to the floor plan and build out. I’ll be helping you every step of the way. Each build is different, and converting a bus can be a blessing or a big headache if you run out of energy, time or money. My life is an example of what’s possible when you create a home that gives you freedom and happiness. Since living in a bus full time I’ve been able to pay off over $20,000 of debt, build some savings and a business all while traveling and seeing incredible places. I hope this information is a tool to help you build your dream home or just a special place that gives you peace of mind. Thank you for having the courage to follow your dream and happy bus building. 

Three major objectives


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Build it

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Be free

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